Live Life To the Fullest


Be a Buddy


 Required criteria(guidelines)

  • Has expertise in the area of travel, adventure, food, health and lifestyle
  • Has experience in leading or guiding a group around in case of travel
  • Must be a qualified health practitioner in case giving consulting for health
  • Must be at least a graduate degree(pursuing will also do) and fluent in English and local language

Role: A buddy is supposed to perform the following functions:

  • Give proper and accurate information to the customer
  • Be available for the customer on call 24X7 in case the buddy is giving remote guidance
  • Always give preference to the customer's choices 
  • Strictly not to demand any compensation or commission from the customer


• Guidance fees (fixed for location and time)

• % Fee waived off events hosted by Lifeincredible or affiliate members

• Monetary appreciation for guidance

• Opportunity to be a part of team at Lifeincredible

• Development of skills