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About Vindaan

Vindaan means life skills. We at Vindaan provide counselling for career and life skills to individuals including students and professionals. With a team of expert professionals across domains, Vindaan offers a great platform for an individual growth and sustenance. At Vindaan we believe that each individual is different and possesses a unique potential. We help the individual to harness this potential through our handcrafted customized solutions by hand holding the individual through the process of development. We promote and practice the concept of living a high quality life.

Our services

  • Career Counselling
  • Personality Development
  • Stress Management
  • Communication
  • Relationship Management

Why Us


The three functions are represented as the sides of a triangle. Vindaan gives equal importance to all the functions as they are all interdependent and equally important for Vindaan to succeed and give the best experience to the service seekers.

Delivery: At Vindaan we believe in delivering the best and high quality service to the clients keeping the client’s interest and end result in mind. 

Development:  Vindaan is dedicated towards developing innovative solutions that are designed in accordance with the changing needs. 

Support: Vindaan believes in extending continuous support to its clients  as it will help in enhancing the quality of expected outcome .


Success Stories

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It could really help! Not a stigma…


A Vision for the Future of Counselling

People on the daily basis are suffering with so much mental pressure ....

A war within

 What sets fire within ignites a war, a war within us, and a war for the society. It is the reason for avowal, by the virtue that at the end of day everyone sits tight for acknowledgement and validation. 

Great Expectations...

 We all have expectations, from everyone from every situation. Expectations are a result of our thought process that is based on experience 

You can’t compare apples even with apples

 We are humans. Seven billion of us on the planet. So what connects us and what differentiates us.

Our Team

Swapnil Kshirsagar


Swapnil is an internationally certified NLP practitioner,counselor and life coach currently pursuing research in the area of psychology with over 10 years of work experience across domains of consulting, counselling coaching and management 

Dhanashree Kadam


Dhanashree is a certified NLP master practitioner, Emotional Intelligence certified practitioner who has varied experience in training delivery and counselling across behavioral domains.She also an empowerment coach

Dr. Neha Dhiman


Dr Neha Dhiman is one of the leading experts in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine. She holds a Bachelor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery and Masters in Swasthavritta & Yoga. In the past years that she has been practising Ayurveda she has worked in Herbal medicine, Panchkarma , Yoga , Diet & Nutrition and helps in counselling sessions dealing with stress and depression  

Dr. Geetha Mohan


Dr. Geetha has a Ph.D in Philosophy and has been an educator for about 30+ years. She is an advisor to many renouned forums related to Education and philosophy. She has also authored a couple of books on philosophy.

Dr. Narendra Joshi


 Dr. Joshi has a vast experience in research oriented multidisciplinary work in Integral psychology and Philosophy, Management of Technology, Education for everyone, Human studies, Indigenous Management.

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It could really help! Not a stigma…


“Counselling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals.”

— Consensus definition of counseling developed and approved through

20/20: A Vision for the Future of Counselling

People on the daily basis are suffering with so much mental pressure that even they do not realize that what harm it is doing them. We all need people whom we can trust and vent out to but do we always get what we want, supposedly, not everyone is always that lucky, but there is an evolution of a profession just to the rescue of all those people who really can share their problems and also get to their right path towards having the right lifestyle and the right attitude to achieve a lifestyle that they always wished for. Nowadays everyone talks about good health, fitness and eating right but do people realize that all this is only useful when you feel in the right space of mind and also know how to manage daily problems and stresses of life. Can you think about eating right when you are emotionally drowned?  People do not understand that just adapting to stress is not the key to healthy lifestyle and well-being. A study stated that out of every 3 people 1 is depressed and with that census it is alarming and people should start taking help of professionals. We readily say Yes to professionals for our financial management, physical health then why not the mental health? People are so fascinated with the western lifestyle and for the matter of fact people in the developed country have truly understood the importance of counseling and they all on a regular basis consult psychologists for their day to day stresses so why are we lagging behind in adopting new approach to well-being. Counselors have a wellness based, developmental approach to mental health which makes them the people who help us choose the right lifestyle and they help understand ourselves and our environment better. Going to counselors and seeking counseling should not be stigmatized instead it should be promoted, so that people who are suffering or are on the verge of falling for it, they can easily go out and consult a professional and can lead a happy life. 


~Aparna Singh

A war within



What sets fire within ignites a war, a war within us, and a war for the society. It is the reason for avowal, by the virtue that at the end of day everyone sits tight for acknowledgement and validation. War that runs in the veins can turn a rose into a wildflower and a human into a living dead. Each passerby is indeed living a life as vivid and troublesome. A single mother, a cancer patient, an obese kid who is being mocked at school, a girl who has been cheated by the guy she trusted the most, a sick parent. Honestly, who really isn’t fighting a war with themselves or with someone else? Albeit predominantly having skeptical overtone but a war can also sculpt and groom a person. The war that a female employee fights with her colleagues for being judged for getting constant promotions turns her into a girl boss. The girl who was cheated on realized how independence and self love is liberating. The fat kid who dines on diet pills fights a war against the mockers to finally live a fit life. So that’s what verily keeps us going this fire, this war that all of us are fighting and all of us must continue fighting because at the end of the day that’s who we are a product of war. 

-Darshana Santosh

Great Expectations...



We all have expectations, from everyone from every situation. Expectations are a result of our thought process that is based on experience. According to CBT the thoughts drive our feelings and feelings drive our behaviour. Expectations come under the feelings category in this case. So what happens if our feelings (expectations) are not fulfilled? We react (behave) in a certain way that may not be desirable. Often the result of such behaviour creates challenges in personal relations and can cause irreversible impact to one’s life. Imagine losing a good friend for life just because that person couldn’t fulfil your small expectation and you behaved rudely to him/her. The most issues or challenges one faces is with respect to members of one’s own family. 

It is important to understand that there might be an irrationality involved when one sets expectations. This happens as one doesn’t consider the situation or the other person’s point of view. So the cause of this actually is the thoughts and not the feelings driven by thoughts. I will not say don’t have any expectations but one must always try to bring about a rationality in thoughts and then set expectations as it is nearly impractical not to have any expectations. It will definitely deliver better results


You can’t compare apples even with apples


We are humans. Seven billion of us on the planet. So what connects us and what differentiates us. It’s probably the same thing; intellect. Although we are similar in a macro sense, i.e. our habits, our behaviour, our characteristics are similar we are not the same. Each individual amongst the seven billion of us is different. A son different from a father, a daughter from her mother, even identical twins are different. People although might look similar, but will be different in core behaviour. This behaviour is determined by their knowledge and experience. The subconscious mind is the major driving force in the behaviour exhibited. Each one has a different wiring. We have to understand this. We are so used to comparison that we seriously dent the confidence of a person often. As a famous person rightly said, ‘If you judge a fish by its ability to climb the tree, the whole life it will think it’s stupid’, similarly if all are compared only on marks or looks or certain specific abilities. Even the apples of the same tree are exposed to different micro elements of the environment, hence develop differently. They will definitely differ in some characteristics. Similarly humans even though having similar environments will differ in some or the other characteristics. Hence don’t compare, everyone has a different model of the world.