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Work Life Balance - A Revolution during Covid 19

Author: SVK

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It’s been more than a year since this Covid-19 pandemic hit us. In comparison, the time seems to be at a standstill where restrictions are forced on us. The thing about the human mind is the more someone tries to put it under a constrained environment, the more it tries to resist. This is the reason today that most of us are facing a huge challenge to adjust to this lockdown. On one hand, we’re bound to stay and home, and on the other hand, we’re expected to not let our efficiency at work go for a toss. This can get exhilarating at times, and here’s why this article is going to help you because we’re not only giving you tips for work from home but also trying to connect it with your mental health.

The pandemic has compelled a lot of people to make work from home. As difficult as it can get but with the right business and time management competencies,  it could be simple to keep a healthy work-life balance. Work from home is not as simple as it looks — it might be exhausting emotionally than simply physically. But by following some tips below, you are going to have the ability to genius a brand fresh work-life balance throughout the lockdown 2.0

  • It is time to revolutionize the concept of work-life balance: Gone are the days when you will have to work for extra hours just because you’re saving time traveling or being expected to work on a weekend because you’re home anyway! We need to start looking at ourselves as human beings and not machines. Humans function in a way wherein lack of rest might end up being the primary factor affecting work productivity hence, we need to take a step and understand that work-life balance is not a myth, and we need to set a boundarywhere work ends and where your personal life starts. Setting up a perimeter will help your mind not to get consumed by work and mix up the work and personal identities.
  • Does setting up a workstation really increase efficiency? : Workstations can be a good way to not let your personal life mingle with work, but it can get difficult sometimes. You need to understand that the human mind is mighty, and at the end of the day.

The subconscious mind understands that this workstation is not in the same environment as the office. So what to do in this case? The best thing is to accept that in the coming years the situation will remain the same and work from home is going to be the new kind of normal. Acceptance will help you get control of your mind, and work efficiency will then be in favor.

  • How with trust issues amongst colleagues during work from home: We humans are social creatures, and we are bound to have a social circle. One dominant aspect that comes under consideration due to work from home is colleagues frequently catch themselves doubting each other. This doubt has given rise to an increase in trust issues amongst colleagues. Trust issues have led to Unprecedented competition. While competition can be a good motivation at work, but it can also prove for yourself to believe that you’re proficient or feeble. The best way to deal with this is to maximize communication amongst each other. Try to look at your colleagues with an optimistic view and not as a competitor.Don’t try to compare yourself with others and meddle with the work allocated to your colleague.

(Remember your mental health is important, and if this is what it takes, then it is worth it)

  • The secret of Work life balance: You need to dwell upon the fact that work-life balance is a mindset. If your mental health is balanced, then your professional space will also be balanced. The secret to maintaining a mental balance is not rocket science; it’s just a simple 8-8-8 rule. You work 8 hours a day, another 8 hours is for recreational activities and the remaining 8 hours is rest. Following this rule will ensure the boundaries between work and personal life are not crossed, and your mental health will be safeguarded.

(Remember you can customize the 8-8-8 rule as per your convenience, but it should have a balance between work, recreational activities, and rest.)

While this line in between home and work life blurs, we certainly need to conform to adjustments to retain that work-life balance. No longer can work from home be counted as a luxury hence to be equipped for this abrupt shift and to get an equilibrium, the above are a few things to be maintained in mind in considering your emotional wellness is of extreme relevance.




What If I am not there?

Author: SVK

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We all want to be informed about whatever is going around us. It’s a natural human instinct to be curious about the happening of the events around him. The feeling arising out of not being informed or not having knowledge about the events and activities is known as fear of missing out (FOMO). FOMO is a common phenomenon and can occur to anyone anytime. The degree impact on an individual however varies according to his mental health and coping mechanism. Some person may get anxious if he feels he is not informed about events or circumstances which some others amongst his family or friends might be informed. He feels out of place if others have some information that he doesn’t have. This is where FOMO kicks in. If this happens regularly there can be a constant anxiety that can loom in the mind of the person and he might suffer from depression. Hence FOMO should not be taken lightly.