We at Lifeincredible provide services in the area of learning and development. With a team of expert professionals across domains, Lifeincredible offers a great platform for an individual growth and sustenance. At Lifeincredible we believe that each individual is different and possesses a unique potential. We help the individual to harness this potential through our handcrafted customized solutions by hand holding the individual through the process of development. We promote and practice the concept of living a high quality life.

Our Motto

Develop the quality of life of every one we touch.

‘The Good Life’ Project

Every life is important. With our ‘The Good Life’ project we intend to enhance the finer aspects of life of all strata of society. Our aim to develop programs at individual and mass level to help every member of the society to achieve a good quality of life.

Our Services


  • Career & Lifeskills Counselling
  • Personality Development
  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Relationship Managment
  • People Management


  • General Aptitutde
  • Career & Lifeskills Management
  • Self Management
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Emotional Intellgence


  • Behavioral Training
  • Team building
  • Personality Assessments
  • Experiential Learning
  • Leadership

Why Us

The three functions are represented as the sides of a triangle. Lifeincredible gives equal importance to all the functions as they are all interdependent and equally important for Lifeincredible to succeed and give the best experience to the service seekers.

Delivery: At Lifeincredible we believe in delivering the best and high quality service to the clients keeping the client’s interest and end result in mind. 

Development:  Lifeincredible is dedicated towards developing innovative solutions that are designed in accordance with the changing needs. 

Support: Lifeincredible believes in extending continuous support to its clients  as it will help in enhancing the quality of expected outcome .


  • The counsellor treated me to a counselling session and I was very impressed and moved. The session was well structured and quickly got me to relax, despite my relative unease of discussing some of the issues. Together we identified several patterns and habits in my life that tend to hold me back, some of which I hadn’t realized at all but really struck home. Thanks Lifeincredible  

    United Kingdom

  • The counsellor empathetic, understanding and a patient listener.He has a neutral approach of listening towards anyone’s problem.I have got nice advices from him. I wish him all the best. Thanks Lifeincredible


  • I feel more relaxed  where I am not thinking of anything else and just listening to the inner voice of mine

    -Prachi Shukla

  • I felt the experience was extremely comforting and result-oriented.


    -Abhiraj bagayatkar

  • The career counselling session proved to be insightful that helped me
    recover from my stress due to academics and to focus on what steps I had
    to take henceforth. Counsellor was very calm and helped me in solving my stress related issues smoothly. Thanks a lot for that session Sir/Ma’am
    -Atharva Belnekar

  • I really appreciate your valuable insight, your ability to clearly explain and answer all of my questions, along with compassionate nature and
    wonderful ability. I highly recommend sir as a effective counsellor
    everyone should try counselling at least once.
    -Siddhant jatale

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